We understand there are many different workplace structures, so we’ve created options.

Our vision is to get as many businesses and employees aligned as possible.


To start this conversation, send Kaz’s true story to whoever you’d like to protect time, align hearts and lead well with. Schedule a time to discuss its importance and to share your non-negotiable reason to stop for ‘Bolognese time’.


Use the verbal agreement video, as an initiation tool, to declare you’re adopting the philosophy with your team or with an individual. It can be shared in a video conference or in person.


Decide if having a physical print to sign and date of the Official Workplace Agreement or the Personal Guardian Oath would be beneficial. There are also Bolognese Affirmation Art Sheets available for digital download so you can print yourself to adorn your workspace walls.


Announce your decision to adopt this philosophy to inspire others and attract potential new employees. Changing your mindset, changes your culture. We have Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn designs you can use - you can find these, along with downloadable logo files for you to use on our Free Resources page here. 

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